Your child’s Baptism is a time for celebration in your parish community as well as your family home. That is why we schedule baptisms throughout the year to be celebrated during our weekend Masses. This enables our parish members to renew their own commitment in Jesus Christ to provide the means and opportunities you will need as a parent to share our Catholic faith with your child.


baptism-2The process for Baptism at Holy Spirit Parish is designed to help you grow in your understanding of the steps involved in your child’s full initiation, usually in the 2nd grade, into our Catholic Church through the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.


We offer Preparation Sessions four times a year, the first two Sundays of March, June, September, and December. Time and place will be listed in the church bulletin and on our website, or one can call the parish office at 406-452-6491. The first session covers the “why to” of baptism and includes discussion with the presenting team and other parents of why you are asking to have your child baptized, how to choose godparents, the signs and symbols for baptism, and other subjects. The second session involves the “how to” of baptism, or how we do baptisms at Holy Spirit Parish. The babies or children are welcome to attend these sessions with their parents. Paperwork for baptismal records and certificate and for godparents are handed out at these sessions.


Parents should be registered and actively participating in our parish life and liturgy. The Masses at which baptisms are celebrated are schedule for the three months following the preparation sessions. If you have a special request for a date or time, please let us know and we will accommodate that. If a family is having its child baptized in another parish, we will notify that parish that the family is registered here and has completed our preparation process.


The Catholic Community of Holy Spirit Parish rejoices each time a child is baptized! We welcome this precious new life into our midst and look forward to the years to come as that child grows up with us at church and in our faith. We thank you for sharing the joy and responsibility of bringing your child to know the Lord and His family of faith.