Christian Service Commission

The Holy Spirit Christian Service Commission is the organization of the parish through which the parishioners participate in the Servant-King ministry of Jesus Christ. The Commission promotes a deeper understanding of the call to service to others through direct service, ecumenical involvement, and cooperation with other groups seeking social justice and peace. The Commission shares God’s love through action, education¬† and community-building. The Commission assists the pastor in developing, coordinating and evaluating parish activities that promote the social mission of the Church.

Christian Service Commission Members

Anette Cereck – Secretary,

Cindy O’Connell

Karen Corda

Kate Triplett – Pastoral Council Representative

Marilyn Miner

Therese Griffith

Pete Woelkers

Conn McKelvey – Pastoral Council Representative

Kevin Nurre – Pastoral Council Representative

Cindy Eultgen – Staff Liaison