Office Staff


WE, the people of Holy Spirit Catholic Parish of Great Falls, Montana,
created by God, centered in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
are sharing our journey of faith. We are committed to upholding our faith,
strengthening our families, and being a joyful people of prayer.


WE strive to be the Lord’s presence on earth
by welcoming and ministering to all people with compassion and hope.

Office Staff~

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Deacon Pete Woelkers

Permanent Deacon

Aubrey Rearden

Parish Administrator

Coordinator of Worship

Mary Moore-Wingerter

Administrative Assistant

Tracy Tomcih


Nickolas Wingerter

Adult Formation, OCIA

Joe Durocher

Maintenance Coordinator

Kimberly Gaa

Christian Service

Janet Knutson

Funeral & Wedding Liturgy

Brien Rosendale

Youth Ministry, Pre-Marriage Preparation

Abbie Greff & Mary Proud

Elementary Formation