Our Parish

Holy Spirit Catholic Parish is a faith community of over 1200 households and over 4000 members.  Located on the southeast side of the city, Holy Spirit serves God’s Kingdom on Earth, right here in Great Falls, Montana.   We share our time, talents, and treasures with others expressing our deep gratitude for all we have been given.

Each Sunday as our offerings are brought forward, we pray:  Dear Lord, thank you for teaching me to be generous as you have been generous with me.  Thank you for showing me that all that I am and have are gifts from you and that these gifts from you, Lord, are meant to be nurtured, increased and shared.  Show me the joys of generosity.  Help me to understand that others, perhaps unknown to me, depend on me for help.  Remind me that my world, my parish, needs “Good Samaritans” to hela the wounds of our times.  Make me a gift to others in your name.  Amen.  

As we near the end of another liturgical year, Holy Spirit Parish reflected on our activities to better understand where we began, to where we have come, and to where we are going. Our annual Stewardship report is mailed to each parish family and allows us to express the gratitude to God for all we have, all we offer and all we can become.  Many of the activities of our parish are behind the scenes, and many people do not know the compassionate and faith-filled stewards our parish members are.   We invite you to read over this year’s Stewardship Report and decide which activities best suit your idea of stewardship.  Where can you best be the hands and feet of Jesus?