A columbarium is a structure comprised of small vaults (niches) to contain cremation ashes.  Cremation is permitted for Catholics as long as it is not chosen in denial of Christian teaching on the Resurrection and the sacredness of the human body.  Statistics show that most people and their families prefer a permanent burial place.  The columbarium creates a permanent memorial and a way for next-of-kin to be with the deceased.  Our master plan includes a memorial garden with a columbarium on the northeast side of the church.  The policies and procedures for our Columbarium were written and signed by the Bishop in 2012.  Construction of this columbarium and memorial garden started in the spring of 2013.  All the niches in the first columbarium are reserved so a second columbarium was add in 2016.  A bell tower and prayer labyrinth are also planned for the memorial garden.  You can find more information about our columbarium here.

Holy Spirit adds another columbarium to the Memorial Garden!

This “half” columbarium adds 40 more niches offering more choices to our parishioners.