Family Promise

The Co-Vid pandemic and the shelter-in-place that occurred because of this has had a huge impact on the Family Promise program.  Please click on the icon below to read the letter to our parish.






“Family Promise of Great Falls provides support and resources to children and their families in a homeless situation until the family can regain sustainable independence.  We partner with social service agencies and a diverse network of local congregations to end homelessness, one family at a time.” (brochure:  mission statement for Family Promise of Great Falls).


Holy Spirit Church is one of 11 local congregations who Host Family Promise.  Monsignor Joseph Gluszek Hospitality House at 2810 Central Avenue, Great Falls, Montana is the location for Holy Spirit parish to host the homeless families that participate in the Family Promise program.  Kathie Malby, Kathy Remington, and Patsie Thomas coordinate the volunteers from Holy Spirit parish.  The volunteers care for the House and for the guests who spend their nights in a safe and warm home environment.

At a glance

Ministries for serving hosting week:

  • Clean the Monsignor House one month before hosting
  • Bring cots into the home & make them up on Sunday morning before guests arrive & remove the cots on the Sunday after guests leave
  • Prepare a hot meal at home for supper, bring it to the Monsignor House and serve it at 6:00 pm
  • Stay overnight at the Monsignor House as host or hostess for Holy Spirit parish – arrive about 7:30 pm and leave about 7:00 am
  • Donate food for cold breakfasts and lunches

For information about the Family Promise program, the Monsignor House and donations of time, talent, and treasure please call & leave a message for Kathie Malby at 781.5033