Formation Commission minutes

Holy Spirit Parish Faith Formation
Quarterly Meeting April 19, 2016
Present: Members (parishioners): Julie Dougherty Guests: Mary Rearden, Mark Joshu
Parish Council Reps: none present Staff: Aubrey, Deacon Bill, Cindy.

Opening prayer: Deacon Bill
Minutes from February’s meeting: no questions, comments, or changes, thus were approved.
Old Business: Deacon Bill will talk to Pat Cahill regarding the Lending Library.
Adult Formation discussion continued for most of the meeting. Currently the Marriage Preparation work is a 10 hour a week job. Currently we are “taking shots” with adult formation; our biggest group is the adult population. It seems there is so much potential for small faith groups. The committee would like to assess the parish community with a survey on their desire/need/interest or current satisfaction with adult formation.
Conclusions: 1. Provide a survey with data regarding the need for Adult Formation.

2. Recommend that a full time position become open for the Adult Formation Coordinator including RCIA.

3. Keep Marriage Prep separate as its own part time job.

New Business: Sts. Peter & Paul Center Visioning – the building is not always conducive for the many groups that use its space. How can we upgrade the space and technology to provide for all facets of parish programming: from Elementary to High School Formation, Praise Band, Adult Formation, RCIA, Parish Retreat / Mission, Catholic Daughters, Knights of Columbus, and more…
We are to think of ideas for the space and bring our vision to the next meeting:
1. The Big Dream

2. What can we live with?

3. Bare Bones – necessity

Items for next meeting:
Come with your big brainstorm ideas. We will open with the visioning described above.
Next meeting dates: (third Tuesday of quarter months)
May 17 at 7 pm
August 16   November15 (Parish Mission Week)    January 17, 2017    April 18, 2017

Deacon Bill closed the meeting with prayer

Respectfully Submitted, Cindy Eultgen