Pastoral Council



WE, the people of Holy Spirit Catholic Parish of Great Falls, Montana,
created by God, centered in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit,
are sharing our journey of faith.
WE are committed to upholding our faith,
strengthening our families, and being a joyful people of prayer.


WE strive to be the Lord’s presence on earth
by welcoming and ministering to all people with compassion and hope.




Holy Spirit Parish Pastoral Council meets monthly, September through June, on the first Tuesday, at 7:00 PM in the conference room of the parish offices.

Members are:

Fr. Doug Krings, Pastor

Aubrey Rearden, Parish Administrator

Gina Hansen

Lori Durocher

Marquita Cheary

Dave Glaeske

Colleen Ryan

Royce Shipley

Julia Fitzpatrick

Rick Lopes

Dominic Azar

Heidi Stubbs

Sean Donnelly

Katy Deffe

Pastoral Plan


Past Meeting Minutes

2023:            January     February    March    April     May     June    September    October    November    December

2022:             January    February    March    April      May      June      September     October     November     December

2021:             January    February     March      April        May     June      September      October       November     December

2020:           January     February     March       April       May      June     September      October       November     December

2019:           January     February     March       April       May     June     September       October      November     December

2018:          January      February      March      April       May    June      September       October      November     December

2017:          January      February      March      April       May    June      September       October      November     December

2016:          January      February      March      April       May    June      September       October      November     December